The Fallen Word and collected films

Oliver Harrison

The Fallen Word and collected films by artist filmmaker Oliver Harrison is a limited edition collector’s item. The DVD features Oliver’s first long format artist's film, The Fallen Word, as well as a selection of shorts and an introductory essay by Animate’s Gary Thomas.


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Product details

Publisher: Animate Projects, London
Publishing date: 2013
DVD Format: PAL
Region: Zone-free
Length: 90'
Edition: 500 copies

The Fallen Word

Another England. A fanatical sect, The Holy Exaltation, have taken power. Harsh rules forbid free thinking, art, music and writing. Beauty IS sin. The only hope of salvation lies with the poets who bring free words to the people like rays of light and colour. These wordsmiths have formed into gangs and - in verbal duels - battle for supremacy under the cover of darkness. Their words, save souls and awaken minds, but there is a problem…

When a mysterious casket is left in the possession of one gang for 'safe keeping', they do not fathom the full horror of its contents: for this is the Fallen Word, a word that - once uttered - has deadly consequences. Never let it be said…

Special Features

• Illustrated booklet with an introductory essay by Gary Thomas, Associate Director, Animate Projects, film notes and credits

• The Fallen Word, 2013, 50’00”, a dark fairytale of friendship, betrayal and the magical power of language and words. Starring English actor Julian Bleach (Doctor Who, The Brothers Grimm, The Borgias, Les Miserables)

• Apocalypse Rhyme, 2012, 3’00”, produced by Animate Projects in association with Lupus Films for Channel 4: a multi-layered kinetic typographical poem inspired by the notion of the world ending in 2012

• Love is All, 1999, 3’15”, commissioned by the Arts Council of Great Britain and Channel 4: a snow queen (Mia Buckton) dreams of love amidst a miniature animated set, featuring the 1940s song Love is All sung by Deanna Durbin, dubbed by Time Out as ‘the ineffably sweet ode to amour’

• Spirit of Place, 1992, 10’07”, commissioned by the Arts Council of England and Channel 4: a ghostly reflection on a room’s past lives as its spirits awake

• Time, 1990, 5’15”, commissioned by BBC 2’s The Late Show featuring the original poem, Time, by Nicholas Breton (c1600)

• Amore Baciami, 1988, 2’50”, Saint Martins School of Art graduation piece, featuring the song, Amore Baciami, sung by Nuccia Bongiovanni

• Out-takes from The Fallen Word, 3’11”, edited in 2013 by Oliver Harrison

• Interview with Oliver Harrison about The Fallen Word, 2010, 5'00", made for Animate Projects website

• The Making of Love is All, 1999, 3'30", Super 8 footage with Director's commentary

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