971 Horses + 4 Zebras

971 Horses + 4 Zebras is a gallery exhibition celebrating the unpredictable processes of experiments with animation, with a focus on how animation as a labour intensive process and form is being applied in the creation of conceptual artworks. The title is taken from a work by Yu Araki in which image of hourses, appropriated from the internet, reference the pre-cinema animation of Edweard Muybridge.

The exhibition includes work by artists from the UK, Japan, Ireland, Australia and the USA, and is curated by Jordan Baseman and Animate’s Associate Director, Gary Thomas. From November 2012 it will tour to WIMBLEDON Space, London, UK; CAST, Tasmania; MADA, Melbourne, Australia; and The British School at Rome, Italy.


Exhibiting artists

Yu Araki: 971 Horses + 4 Zebras, 2007, 1'17"
Nathaniel Mellors: Jailbreak, 2001, 30" (extract)
Kit Wise: Explosion (Gernaium), 2010, 2'04"
David O’Reilly: Octocat Adventures, 2008, 5'00"
Inger Lise Hansen: Proximity, 2006, 3'33"
David Theobald: Walking Holiday In Grindewald, 2011, 3'26"
Jordan Baseman: Nasty Piece Of Stuff, 2009, 8'00"
Katie Goodwin: In Between Inception (1 And 2), 2011, 2'44"
Chris Shepherd (from designs by Paul Hatcher): World Stareout Competition, 1998, 6'00"
Lois Rowe And Patrick Rowan: Filter, 2012, 4'04"
Emily Richardson: Cobra Mist, 2008, 6'42"
Tadasu Takamine: God Bless America, 2002, 8'18"
James Lowne: Our Relationships Will Become Radiant, 2011, 8'52"
Geraint Evans: Notes To Self: How To Be An Ornamental Hermit, 2012, 1'30"