Out of Sight


Animation and concept by Karolina Glusiec
Sound and music by Zuzanna Ziolkowska
Commissioned by Animate Projects and PEER
Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England


Using the traditional materials and methods of drawing, Karolina Glusiec pays homage to the early days of filmmaking and the photographic experiments produced by …tienne-Jules Marey. Through a process of sketching and erasure, Glusiecís film explores the idea of disappearance through both forgotten memory and the repetitive movements of the microscopic. Glusiec interrogates the contemporary, networked nature of images that are 'surrounding us, circulating, duplicating, being manipulated and used many times until the image disappears forever.'

Technical Details

Drawings on paper, filmed using 16mm, before being captured using a digital stills camera.