A film by Sean Vicary
Voice Eddie Ladd
Sound design and Music Richard Lewis
Words Elinor Wyn Reynolds
Mastering VET
An Animate Projects production for Channel 4


Inspired by a large supermarket development in Cardigan, Re-Tolled draws on imagery of the Mari Lwyd and other folk ritual in an attempt to manifest the ‘spirit’ of the land. As trees are felled and the landscape altered, the reverberations are felt deep in the earth, disturbing creatures that are now only remembered in folk memory.

Technical Details

Site-specific found objects and constructed assemblages have been animated using stop motion, then composited with elements of video, photography and digital animation.

Voice actor

Eddie Ladd is a dance theatre performer. Since the 90s she has collaborated with colleagues on numerous productions, each combining dance, music, image and bilingual (Welsh/English) text. The pieces appear in theatres, specific sites and on the web.


Richard Lewis has been composing music and creating sound design since the early 1990s, working on a wide variety of film, television, live performance and multi-media projects.

Re-Tolled marks the third occasion that Richard Lewis has scored and sound-designed for a Sean Vicary animation project.


Elinor Wyn Reynolds is a poet, author and broadcaster in Welsh and English. Her work is published by Gomer Press and in magazines such as Taliesin, Barn and Golwg.