Dawn of the Cat


A film by Clemens Kogler
Actors Christo Christop and Christina Reichsthaler
Producer Abigail Addison
Mastering by VET
An Animate Projects production for Channel 4


In an ordinary apartment a mysterious chain of events produces a creature which should only be found in fantasy novels.

Technical Details

A mixture of drawn animation and live action footage.


Christo Christoph was born in Sofia, Bulgaria, and has been living in Austria since 1986. Christo Studied Audio Visual design at the University of Arts in Linz, Austria. He is a Music Producer and Science Journalist.


Christina Reichsthaler was born not far from a lake and has been prone to tears all of her life. Emotionally bouncing off the pompous building of Vienna as well as the hollow facades of Salzburg, these cold cities spat her back to the country. Passing the final examination of her studies of Multimedia Arts compelled her to work on an organic chicken farm with board and lodge, where the hens benefit from the massage techniques learnt years before.