Apocalypse Rhyme


A film by Oliver Harrison
Mastering by VET
An Animate Projects production in association with Lupus Films for Channel 4


A black and white, kaleidoscopic, multi-layered, hyper-kinetic typographical poem. Using the letters of the word APOCALYPSE each line explores different areas of our lives that have been eroded by recent events. The film suggests that a quiet 'apocalypse' has already occurred, affecting all of us.

Technical Details

Created in After Effects, (double HD resolution, 50 Frames pre sec.) Mastered at HD 25fps. Black and White.

Apocalypse Rhyme

A was for Art.  Prophetic.  Profound.
In a tsunami of gimmickry drowned.

P was for politics,  junkie of war,
Died shooting-up, selling arms to the poor.

O was for Ocean, serene and sublime,
Choked on our plastic, crude oil and crime.

C, for Consumer, conditioned from birth,
Died of consumption, costing the Earth.

A, Advertising, spreading the word,
Caught buffing up the corporate turd.

L was for Love and our tender compassion,
Bludgeoning seals just to keep up with fashion.

Y was for Youth, scapegoat of our sorrows,
Drinking to forget their lost tomorrows.

P was for Passion, beauty, despair,
Nailed on the cross of the god Laissez-faire.

S was for Sun, the light of our world,
That melted our wings before they unfurled.

E is for End.