Horse Glue


When two films, Horse and Glue, unfold together within the same space, their narratives become intertwined.

Horse is a miniature war film that follows a frightened soldier after a bloody battle in which he was the lone survivor. Glue tells the story of a child left to fend for himself in the woods, and is loosely based on The Babes in the Wood folktale.

The stories mix together and the following story is told: a young boy is abandoned in the woods by his father and encounters a murderous child. He is surrounded by a miniature war, puzzled by the actions of a lone, insane soldier and experiences his own mental breakdown.

Technical information

Glue uses a combination of cut-out and 2D hand-drawn animation with photography, with a score by Sorenious Bonke.

In contrast Horse is a disjointed and roughly spliced together film and its soundtrack appears to have worn away so that little more than hiss and crackle remains. When combined with Glue it adds an extra layer of visual and narrative texture.