Kayla Parker



Kayla is an artist filmmaker who explores subjectivity and sense of place in her practice using photography, sound, film, performance, found objects, drawing, writing, and digital technologies. She is interested in the intersection between the natural world and urban environments, in particular liminal spaces such as the industrial outskirts of the city; and she also produces collaborative work with Stuart Moore.

Her films have received numerous network screenings on the BBC, ITV and Channel 4; her work is shown worldwide at film festivals and in touring programmes, with television broadcasts in Australia, Canada, France, Austria, and Germany; and she has shown in group exhibitions at the Barbican London, the Norwich Gallery, the Newlyn Gallery, Tate, and Arnolfini. Kayla is a lecturer in media arts at the University of Plymouth and a member of the Land/Water and the Visual Arts research group; her doctoral research area is gender and creative practice in animation.

She has made two films for Animate: Cage of Flame (1992) and Sunset Strip (1996). Recent commissions include Small World (2007), an investigation into HD aesthetics for the Definitive Stories screening programme at the National Review of Live Art, Tramway Glasgow.


Twenty Foot Square, 2009
Verge: Nocturne, 2009
White Body, 2009
Resubjection (16mm film drawing/projection performance), 2008
Hold (large-scale urban projection), 2008
Small World, 2007
Poppies, 2006
Verge (dual screen installation), 2005
Wort/Wall/Water (three screen installation), 2004
Physic (digital embroidery), 2001
Life in the Bus Lane (multiple urban screens), 2002
Inner City (multiple urban screens), 2001
Walking Out, 2000
Project, 1997
Sunset Strip, 1996
As Yet Unseen, 1994
Elemental, 1994
Night Sounding, 1993
Cage of Flame, 1992
Canntaireachd, 1992
Unknown Woman, 1991
Nuclear Family, 1990
Looks Familiar, 1989