James Lowne



James Lowne is an artist based in London. He completed a BA in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins in 2000. After this he focused on making music in solo projects and collaboratively with other musicians, recording and occasionally performing live. During this period he also continued drawing as his main artistic practice. He has worked commercially in post-production, learning about editing, computer animation and 3D rendering. James has exhibited drawings as well as animation and film in London.

In 2011, James Lowne won the Animate OPEN: Digitalis Jury Prize for Someone behind the door knocks at irregular intervals.


Our relationships will become radiant, 2011
Double header lll The importance of keeping fit, 2011
Someone behind the door knocks at irregular intervals, 2010
Brute Economics, 2008
Slot Art: Identinet (with Brad Butler), 2002
The Hirst, The Hume, The Duchamp, The Parker, The Turk, 2001
Double header ll, 2000


Someone behind the door knocks at irregular intervals

Jury Prize, Animate OPEN: Digitalis, Animate Projects, 2011